Bob Lee

I was a backroom boy at the Cavern/Jigsaw though I was responsible for choosing the playlists for the Baron & Dave Lee Travis, amongst many other duties thanks to patronage of the owner's wife Wendy who was a truly fantastic lady.

I later moved on to the Can Can starting as Ray Teret's apprentice but with plenty of time on the decks. Other members of the team were Gary Laine (who later went on to open the great Manchester record shop Spin Inn), Alan Bates (who some time later was the landlord of the pub on Burton Rd at the junction with Lapwing Lane - I can't for the life of remember the name).

During this time we also did one off gigs throughout the area including church halls and youth clubs in Withington, Wythenshawe, Altrincham, Sale, etc.

he club changed it's name briefly to the Red Bed before becoming theKkaleidoscope by which time I was running it.  My wife Tina & I held our wedding reception there..what a night that was, I could fill many lines on that alone!

After the psychedelic period finished the club once again reverted it's original name.

I also used to run a soul night at Swinton Rugby Club which was very sucessfull with many memorable sellout nights but which came to a premature end when my records were stolen.

Then there was quite a gap until I was asked to step in at short notice to dj and assist in the running of Stoneground near Belle Vue as it had recently been closed and the new owner wanted to get it up and running again quickly.  I think this only lasted for about six months but it was a great time and I got to meet and watch a lot of great bands.

Lastly on other memorable gig was dj'ing at the opening night of the new Twisted Wheel on Whitworth St. This was due to Ray Terets connections however there is a slight flaw in this as it was not for the public 'that came some day's later 'but for all the builders/painters/ architects /future & old staff friends and family etc.  It was still a great honour though.

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