Georgie Powell

"I actually started work on the Manchester scene selling musical instruments at Barratts on Oxford Road. Many famous customers! It was while I was working there that I started DJing at the Jungfrau on Cathedral Street where I was the resident DJ for 3 years. I then went to DJ at Butlins for 6 months. When I returned I was resident DJ at Top of the Town for 2 years and also Takis, Barons Beerkeller, Rowntrees Spring Gardens, Fagins and the place underneath (the name having slipped my mind) Mr Smiths and the colleges and uni`s.

In them days we were more comperes at the start of the music revolution, introducing records. From the very start I always played mostly black music although at the Jungfrau we had many artistes and bands (Roy Orbison and Gene Pitney being two of them), nearly all the local bands and many acts from the days `hit parade`(sounds soo dated now).

Could go on for hours. I am now living in Brighton but I often go back home."

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