Graham Green Aka Grahame Rothwell

Apart from Student Union stuff and the Stuart empire (Oasis, Warmingham Grange) and of course High School of Art and Music (my school) whose projectors we borrowed, that was it for light show work.

I became a DJ, Graham Green, (some would disagree) and worked mainly at the Stuart venues.

Joined the RAF and played music to squaddies and WAAFs all over the south.

In those days to get a Radio One DJ to appear was akin to getting a named band, we had incredibly well engineered gear (courtesy of the Queen and the RAF supply system!) and were contracted to supply reliable high quality sound and light for such gigs. Worked with all the greats and had a terrific time.

After the RAF I carried on working in and around Manchester, most of my work came from John Saffer at Venusound on Whitworth St., Mere Golf Club, Milverton Lodge Hotel (owned by Arnold Burlin of piles of pennies fame) and such like.

The picture is me at the National Club Show at Kings Hall Belle Vue in 1979.

I was demonstrating Citronic mixers to the Brian Potters of the day.

Linda Lusardi was 3 stands down from me so I was not that busy that day!

I hung up my headphones in 1981 and have been boring people ever since with tales of Tamla Motown, etc.

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