Keith Scholes

I started at Browns Stretford around 1964. The Manager/DJ at that time was Steve Green. I too was never keen on 
either the Ritz Rhythm or the Barn Dance, but a lot of the guys that didn't like getting up dancing normally would join
in and do the Barn Dance. It was a very strict rule made by Tommy Brown that every site had to do it at regular intervals
during the evening.
It was me that got John Renda into DJ'ing and he went straight to Levenshulme and was brilliant there.

We used to meet afterwards on Friday nights and Saturday nights and go to Mr. Smiths in Manchester until the early hours.
At that time we also were with Alan Brown, who eventually fell out with us and went to manage Sands at Stretford precinct.
He went on from there, many years later, and bought a hotel in Yorkshire, if I remember correctly.

Steve Green, who eventually left Browns, is now living in Thailand and is a teacher there. He still comes back to Manchester
from time to time.

The collapse of the Browns group was due to Darwen. Tommy spent a fortune on it, but, not long after it opened, there was a 
stabbing outside it and that appeared to be the catalyst that caused the collapse of it all. 

It was very sad to see that, even though Stretford had new owners, it was eventually closed for good and I believe it was pulled down.

I used to also work at Levenshulme one evening a week, which was always a Wednesday, and John Renda did Stretford at the same time.
When Tommy opened Little Hulton, his manager, Vince Williams, who was very well known around Manchester club circuit, 
wanted me as the DJ. I went there and did the opening few weeks, but didn't like it and because the pay was just the same, Tommy
being as mean as muck, I moved after three weeks, as the cost of the petrol was coming out of my wages, whereas at Stretford,
I could simply walk from home.

I also for a few months worked at Rowntrees Spring Gardens. I only stuck it there for about two months, because I had to work until 2.00 am in the morning, then travel home. I went to bed at night at about 2.30am and had to get up for work at 6.30am. I was totally knackered, so had to leave.

I still have most of the records I used to play, but now they are played on my Wurlitzer Jukebox which has pride of place at
home in my conservatory.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of that time, but I have many happy memories, and still, occasionally, hear from various
people that I knew.

One example is Fred Fielder, who was known as "Chunky" who is very well known around Manchester, and is 
a font of amazing knowledge on the club scene at that time. He used to do The Disc A Go Go in Salford, and was, for many years
on BBC Radio Manchester. A real larger than life character who knows more people and facts than anyone I have ever met.
I hope that all this waffle I have done is of some interest.

Kindest regards - Keith Scholes sometimes known, according to Fred Fielder, as Abdul.   20 May 2022

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