Mark Jones

Mark was the DJ at the Pop Inn in Rusholme for many years, where his father Tony Jones was Manager.

Mark was also the DJ at The New Century Hall (with Dave Eager) introducing the Bay City Rollers (several times), Hot Chocolate, The Sweet, Thunderclap Newman, Herman's Hermits, Mud, etc.

Mark has recently found a rather rare shot of him ‘working’ (OK, playing records) from the infamous 'handcart' on stage at the Pop Inn, Platt Lane, Rusholme, circa 1969... (give or take 10 minutes, either way).

Also shown is a recent photo of Mark with Roland Lumby, the Boss of Mitrex Electronics. Both Mark and Roland attended Chetham’s Hospital School, (now Chetham’s School of Music). Roland built some fantastic Mitrex amps and speakers, and supplied most of the region’s disco’s and bands’ PA systems during the late 60’s / 70’s / 80’s. Mark remembers doing New Century Hall with a big (for those days) Mitrex PA system (built by Roland) every Saturday night alongside the likes of Mud, The Sweet, Thunderclap Newman, The Bay City Rollers (several times), Herman’s Hermits, etc., etc. The Mitrex PA systems were usually louder (and clearer) than most of the bands’ systems! Roland is still on the scene with The (renowned) Amp Clinic
NB: Mark insists that it’s NOT his car in the background. It's Roland's!

Mark also worked on the stage crew at the Hardrock Concert Theatre, (which was originally a Ten Pin Bowling alley, and these days, a branch of B&Q) from day one (with David Bowie) right up until it closed. He almost didn’t make it, as he suffered a serious electric shock on stage moving one of Stephen Stills’ guitars, which wasn’t earthed properly. He was thrown six feet up in the air... but survived to tell the tale Stephen Stills (years later), amongst others.

Mark relocated to Liverpool in the mid-70’s when he got the job on air at Radio City, one of the original Independent Radio Stations (...he's still a Manc!)

He's also worked on-air at Magic 828 (Leeds); Great Yorkshire Gold (The former Yorkshire network); Magic AM (Sheffield); and 105.4 Century FM, the North West regional radio station.

He's now back at Radio City in Liverpool on Magic 1548, and also broadcasts on the Magic Radio Network around the UK, plus several radio stations in the States. He's also heard on numerous pre-recorded in-flight radio programmes too, recorded in his home studio.

Mark’s also hosted the Masters Football series (shown live on Sky Sports) around the globe; he's been to China, Dubai, Malaysia and Brunei with Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal Masters teams.

He also compères hundreds of sportsmen's dinners, award ceremonies and fundraisers across the UK and Worldwide. 

 Have a look at for more info on what Mark is doing these days... and see some of his showreels too!

Mark is a Director of Audio Productions Limited, a PA hire company.

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