Tony Just

"The very first time I sang on stage was in 1962 at the "Gorton Brook". I only knew three songs but was still offered a job as a compere !!!

Then I got sidetracked into being a d.j., working in Oldham starting at"Flintstones Cave" and "The Human Jungle". Then it was on to Rochdale and "The Pyramid"and the world famous"Cubi Klub".

After that it was"The Sinking Ship" in Stockport and then into the city centre, Manchester to do stints at "Rowntrees Sound Bar" and "Top of the Town" - plus "The Jolly Roger" then at "The Penny Farthing" amongst other d.j. jobs.

Salford was the next port of call - great times at "The Riverboat Club" and the Roller Skating Rink which used to be the "Whisky A-Go-Go". I also worked in Levenshulme at the roller skating rink there, and at "Browns".

Then I had a stint at "The Bier Celler" in Wood Street, Manchester, then it was on to the Moss Brothers circuit working with some of the biggest names in music at "The Domino", "The Princess" and "The Georgian".

After this it was off to the holiday camps for Pontins "Wallpark"in Brixham, and "Little Canada" in the IOW. I stayed on the island and did a couple of seasons at "Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp" - followed by a long residency at "Papas Club"in Manchester.

Then in the 70s, me and Steve Sale formed "Snob Soul Club"and ran soulnights all over Manchester and North Wales. I still had my sights set on a singing career and had a residency in Wythenshawe at "The Cock of the North". The only trouble was that the musicians only knew certain songs, so I couldnt progress.

When the"Poco Poco"shut down they planned to reopen it as "Chesters" and I did a few years there compering.

Then in 1985 I got a job at "Palins holiday camp" and stayed there for 12 years!! After that I put some tracks together and went out doing cabaret I am currently working in and around Manchester and I do hotels in Blackpool."

Tony Just

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