59th Street Bridge

  • Geoff Lingard - lead guitar/vocals

  • Malc Crossley - bass/vocals

  • Keith Holden - vocals

  • Niel Brierley - drums/vocals

  • Barry Lonsdale - guitar/vocals


59th Street Bridge were a Band from the Burnley, Nelson and Colne area in the mid to late 60's and as Bobby and Tony (as well as Bernie) from The Hollies were all local lads, we thought we could do the same.

Although we didn't hit the same heady heights as they did we worked solidly for a couple of years on a professional basis, mostly we worked with Paul Ingham of Sounds Entertainments Agency in Whitefield but also managed to secure a lot of our own work. Remember The 7 Stars in Heywood?

It was Paul Ingham who, after the Band split up in 1970, encouraged me to go solo and also to cut a demo disc ( acetate ) to send to The Hollies as Alan Clarke had just left to pursue his own career. I had a very polite letter back from their Manager to say a Swedish guy (Michael Rickfors?) had got the job - temporarily as it happened!

Early in the 80's I was (and still am) in the Motor Trade and sold cars to Bobbie Elliot (and his cousin) and from then on we have had a good few drinks together at The Sparrow Hawk in Fence .. a tiny village outside Burnley.

I've continued singing and playing over the years, having recorded approx. 70 tracks, some of which can be heard on my web site. I would send Bobbie copies of any new CD which I'd produced and he always replied along with kind and encouraging comments.

There are 2 tracks on my site from " Staying Power ", all vocals and harmonies by myself.

For me The Hollies have everything musically and I will continue to cheer them on while wishing them well for their 50th Anniversary Tour.


At this moment , Keith is still in Lancashire actively involved with Amateur Dramatics / Musicals.

Niel lives in Kent and still plays in a band.

Malc has a music shop in Skipton , North Yorkshire whilst leading a Jimi Hendrix Tribute act (Spirit of Hendrix).

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