Sid the singer was from Failsworth, Mervyn Horrocks lead was from Audenshaw, Johnny Hart drummer was from Droylsden. We used to practice in a cellar under a shop, an open drain ran through the cellar but we could practice loud, this was the first group that I ever used my Strat and Vox AC30 all out!  Merv and Johnny were originally in The Bardots.

Meryn Horrocks 10/10/09

I remember Black Watch very well. Pete Bamber was lead singer when I knew them. I knew Sid, who's parents Bakery was used for their practice.  There was another guy called 'little Pete' and a guy called Pat and we followed them all around Oldham for ages. They had quite a big female following.

Marilyn Tischler 1/3/11

 I think they where something to do with Oldham College of Art, saw them at Jackies Beat Club in Shaw several times.

Jim Whatmough 30/1/13

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