The Blue Angels

Brian Chapman - Organ / Vocals
Brian Greene - Guitar / Vocals
Tony Kay - Drums
Russell Abrams - Bass
Harold Weller - Guitar



With an average age of just 16, the Angels progressed from local youth club gigs to some of Mancheste'rs top venues in less than a year. Naturally it took decent management skills to organise a bunch of kids to act older.

Imagine them backing a busty stripper when all they had ever seen of the naked feminine form was in "Spick & Span" …( and in their dreams ) Eventually they were persuaded to wear stage gear, consisting of a blue `Dr Kildare` shirt and shiny blue nylon pants !!! The lads learned quite a bit by warming up audiences for the Toggery Five and Herman and the Hermits.

Playing a mixture of Pop and R & B, the Blue Angels had a nice little following around north Manchester. 

In the early stages the lads had to make do with really naff guitars and amps. Many a time Harold`s Watkins Westminster blew up on stage. Brian Greene`s amp was a `home made` mixture of loose wires in no casing, DEADLY to the touch !!!

Better times were to follow when Vox AC30`s were added.

From a similar background to the Whirlwinds and the Sabres, the Blue Angels were far from being called a `polished` act , but little girls and a few grannies loved them.

Pic above shows the Blue Angels at Langley Labour Club around mid 1963 with Martin Muldaur on Vocals. I can still remember that night, we used the House P.A (far better than ours) with Shure Mics no less...

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