The Blue Lords 

Lineup included

Dave Smith - drums

Keith Bailey - bass

Chippy Chapman - vocals

Ray White - guitar

Barry Teasdale - guitar


The band started life as "The Blue Lords" with Dave Smith (drums), Keith Bailey (bass),Chippy Chapman (vocals), Ray White (guitar). I joined as guitarist in 65'. The band changed name (prior to the German contract) to Zebardy's Crowd (god knows why - Blue Lords was a good name with a good reputation)with a lineup of Dave Smith (drums), Chippy (lead vocals), George Chapman (bass & vocals), Roy (guitar & vocals) and myself on guitar. Our roadey was Alvin Foulkes. I may be wrong, but the venue in Salford was called the Cluban. I remember the German contract being very hard work and great times. It would be nice to hear from any band members.

Barry Teasdale - 25/8/12

Hi Barry good to hear from you. Those were great days,the weddings and pubs.

Keith Bailey - 23/11/12






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