Blue Rondos

  • Bob Fordham - guitar/vocals
  • Pete Cliffe - rums/vocals
  • Chris Cadman - bass/wheels
  • Brian Chadwick - bass (replaced Chris)

Pete Cliffe, Brian Chadwick( who later joined the band) and Bob Fordham all went to Yew Tree Comprehensive, where they formed the Zildjians along with Chris in 1963.

As we were Northenden based, places like the church rooms and the methodist hall were the first to experience the onslaught!

After gigging throughout '64 as The Blue Rondos we had a shock one night as we set up at the Williiam Temple church hall. Instead of the usual 2 dozen curious punters, 250 Liverpudlians turned up. We were flattered untill it dawned on us that they thought we were the Liverpudlian Blue Rondos who's record had reached No 14 that week! They let us get through our 1st number Johnny B Goode before they trashed the place! Next day we changed our name to the Rondo Blues.

Later, in 64 Brian Lewis, who had a dance hall in Handforth, took pity on us and decided to manage us.

Out went the 15 watt Watkins, which we had everthing plugged in, and in came a 60 watt Selmer amp, a 70 watt Leak p.a. and a new Fenton Weill bass. Bookings went from 6 quid to 8 quid overnight.

By mid 65, we parted company with Brian Lewis (and the gear) and continued with the RSC stuff, which was all we could afford.

Chris left the band around this time and Brian Chadwick, who had been our sound engineer for a while, took over the bass. Shortly after Pete decided to join the Odd Ones and, as he was the main talent in the band, we called it a day.

Bob Fordham 

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