Blues Action


  • Colin Unsworth - rhythm
  • Josh Price - bass and vocals
  • Derek Radcliffe - lead
  • Bill Boardman - drums
  • Harry Dainton - vocals


Most of our gigs were from the LE Agency - William Leyland. We played mostly Mod music which suited our image & had a following of around the Atherton, Leigh area of Youth clubs & similar venues during early 1966. We dispanded July 66.

I continued to play in various setups & still enjoy playing now after emigrating to Portugal in 2006.

Josh Price 1/11/10

Great memories of the sixties, I was the singer in the band. Josh would love to hear from you please get in touch I visit Portugal regularly. Our Andy is continuing the music scene he is in the Manchester band Dirty Avenues - look them up. Speak to you soon.

Harry Dainto

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