Bo-Rayners (Bury) 

The Bo-Rayners were a Bury band formed in the early 1960’s. I provided the low end 1966 - 1967 and during that time the line-up was:

  • Doug (Sadge) Sargeant  -  Vocals
  • Patrick (Paddy) Kirwen  -  Drums
  • Bernard    ….....?  -  Saxophone
  • (Me) Norman Shields  -  Bass
  • Steve Costello  -  Guitar

During the 1960’s the Manchester club music scene was vibrant, with many venues providing for a wide range of music styles. Sadge and I would occasionally manage to visit the Clubs if we were not playing (we didn’t visit much!) and I remember being at the Twisted Wheel to experience Cream and then at the New Twisted Wheel when Long John Baldry was performing supported by Julie Driscoll (backing by the brilliant Brian Auger & The Trinity), and at the bottom of the bill it said ‘Also featuring Rod the Mod Stewart’. How situations change!

Norman Sheilds - 6/2/2019

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