Boadicea (Rochdale)

info courtesy Ted Tuksa



  • Ted Tuksa - vocals
  • Jack Wood - lead/vocals
  • Derek Halsall - guitar/flute
  • Kenny Aspinall - drums
  • Terry Flynn - bass/vocals 

Originally "NEW EDITION". Changed our name to "BOADICEA" about 1967.

We did all the pub and club scene around Manchester, including 7 Stars (Heywood) where we did quite regular, being a local group,and I lived just across the road from the place.

The other members coming from Rochdale, where again we did all the popular clubs, Fire station, Masque, Drill hall.

Also worked Co-op Hall (Warrington), Cosmo club (Carlisle), Tow Bar Inn (Netherton) as well as Liverpool Cavern and toured Denmark and Sweden

We did 2 of the open air Town Hall festivals - one of them we did as a homecoming from our tour of Denmark and Sweden. 


I sang in a band called currency from Burnley, we were good friends of these lads they used to play bank hall miners in Burnley. We use to do east ward in Rochdale and also Rochdale football club were they came to see us. We also had a unique roadie nicknamed jeo90, Pete Holden who they will probably remember. There's a photo of the original band currency on lanky beat. 

Bob Riley - 11/9/13











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