Bobby and the Blue Diamonds, Stockport - circa 1962-1965

aka Bobby Allen and The Blue Diamonds

Line-up included

  • Bob Harrison - vocals
  • Joe Farrel - drums
  • Chris Barry - lead
  • Kevin Mottershead - rhythm
  • Ken Clark - bass 
  • Ronnie Pirelie/Clarey - drums, replaced Joe
  • Ronald Burke - bass
  • Terry Liversidge - bass


Bobby and the Blue Diamonds were a Stockport group, formed in about 1962.

As with most local groups, we formed to play youth clubs and functions but mostly to meet girls. Of course we became quite proficient and then branched out to play in Manchester, at the usual clubs: Bodega, Jungfrou, Oasis, Twisted Wheel, etc. 

In Stockport we played at the Manor Lounge, doubled with the Kingfisher, owned by Reg Pickstock. Happy days.

We decided to get an agent and came under the management of Derek Oultram Entertainments, in association with The George Cooper Organisation (London) who represented big artists at that time, includig Joe Brown, Johnny Kidd, Marty Wild, Jess Conrad and even Bert Wheedon, and way down the list, us. We were in high company at this time.

In 1963/4 we decided to turn pro. Two members of the group didn't take the plunge and so we started to audition for a drummer and bass player. The very talented drummer we chose was Ronnie Pirelie/Clary. He was with Deek Rivers and the Big Sound. Deek was sadly killed in an accident.

We needed a bass player to complete the new lineup. At the auditions was a young lad who came with his parents. He looked about 14 but turned out to be 17. He had a Hofner Verethin bass.

We had already decided on a player when this lad got up and asked if hec ould audition. We were suprised that he was old enough and when he played he was the most superb bass player I had listened to. It turned out that he was the lead violin with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. Hiss name was Ronald Burke and he went on to become one of world famous Lindsay String Quartet - but for now he became our bass player. He is a great lad and even now talks fondly of his days in pop. Who says pop and classical dont mix! It did and still does. In fact he is still an avid fan of Jimi Hendrix.

We went on to spend time in Germany where we worked hard and played hard. A great time was had by all. 

Returning to the Uk we gigged all over the place and then did some recording with Joe Meek, in Holloway Road above a leather shop. Joe Meek was to have an amazing career and had lots of number ones, with artists like Heinz, The Applejacks and many more. Sadly he shot hmself - that's rock and roll, I suppose.

We didn't carry on too long after this and went on to persue our own course in life and follow our own dreams.

Robert Harrison 26/2/09

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