The Bog Stompers (Wilmslow)

 Line-up included

  • Mike Hewitt (aka Billy Bog) - lead
  • Norman Morrison (NM) - vocals
  • Stu Wilde - drums
  • Trevor Martin - bass
  • Joe Broadhurst - rhythmn

One group that was very popular locally was the Bog Stompers - they seemed forever (and I mean forever) to be playing 'Poison Ivy' and 'Love Potion Number 9' .

Alan Thomas


They were sometimes called NM and the Bogstompers .. they became somewhat of our rivals in Wilmslow. They were very raw .. as we all were!

They may have opened for us at a youth club in Wilmslow. They were a short lived band .. and faded pretty fast, after their splash in the Wilmslow Advertiser!

That's all I can remember NM were the initials of their leader Norman somebody or other , as I recall ... 40 odd years later!

David Booker - 15/11/09

The lead guitarist was Mike Hewitt (a.k.a - Billy Bog) and the Singer N.M .. was Norman Morrison. The drummer was Stu Wilde who was a mate of mine .. and joined the Drifting Hearts after Gordon Thornton left .

Stu is a retired Chief of Police living in N.Wales

It would appear right now they were from Wilmslow, not Stockport . That's all I have right now.

David Booker - 15/11/09

I was a founder member of The Bogstompers - together with Mike Hewitt (lead guitar- now dead), Trevor Martin (bass guitar - emigrated to Australia in about 1963) and Joe Broadhurst of Alma Lane, Wilmslow (rhythm guitar - was a copper like myself , now lives in Cornwall I believe). We started off playing just instrumentals as was the thing at the time - Shadows , Ventures, Duane Eddy etc.

We soon realised that if we wanted to make it big and get further than Wilmslow British LegionClub we needed a singer. We took on Nigel Maurice Thompson ( known asN.M.) who came from Bramhall but who we knew from Moseley Hall (Grammar School, Cheadle). He was a good singer, too.

The group broke up when I left them to join The Drifting Hearts as a replacement for the late Gordon Thornton.

N.M. and the Bogstompers was strictly a local thing - we shared the bill with the Four Pennies at Wilmslow Public Hall once but that was as close to stardom as we got. Mostly it was local youth clubs, British Legion ( I think Joe Broadhurst's Dad was on the committee), dances in village halls, etc.

I don't think Mike Rhodes was ever in the Bogstompers (unless he started us off - can't remember), he was with Cliff Bowes and the Arrows.

Stew Wilde - 18/11/09

Well, thanks to Stew Wilde for correcting the "Norman Morrison" thing. Hi Stew; long time no see.

We had some great laughs with the Bogstompers but were a bit bereft on the equipment front. Lacking a P.A. system, my vocals were routed through the Bass amp; hardly ideal. It got to the stage where Laryngitis became my closest friend and so I quit.

Joined a Hazel Grove combo called the Zarbees, founded by Rob Eastwood, who also attended Moseley Hall G.S. like many of the Bogstompers. They had a P.A. with reverb! Heaven!

Last time I saw Mike (Spid) Hewitt, he had just come back from Germany with his eyesight miraculously restored. Gone were the bottle bottom lenses.

Where are they all now?

Nigel Maurice Thompson - 1/1/11

Nice to see your comments on things so long ago. I am living in Congleton and single. I now listen to music instead of trying to play it. Now retired from the cops and being an encumbrance on the state. Regards

Joe Broadhurst - 27/10/12

Thanks to Dave Booker (Bowker) who appears to have started this page off. Thanks also, Dave, for over-promoting me - I'm not a retired Police Chief , nor do I live in North Wales ! I'm retired , yes, but I live in South West Wales. An easy mistake to make I suppose.

I finished my working life as a partner in a property care firm based in Swansea - retiring at the end of 2008.It was good to hear from Joe Broadhurst and N.M.Thompson as well. I served in the police with Joe for many years , but N.M. I hadn't heard of or from since the Bogstompers departed the music scene.

I tracked down Spid Hewitt to an address in Rhos -on -Sea , N.Wales, about 5 yrs ago only to find that he'd died a few months previously. My initial pride at having found his home was duly shattered when confronted by a still grieving widow.She did tell me, however, that his poor eyesight problems had been sorted by a German specialist ( he was living there at the time)who prescribed some vitamin supplement or other and gradually scaled down the strength of his specs. Apparently it had all been a terrible mistake and there was no need for the glasses in the first place. I grew up with Mike in Wilmslow, and remember that he had one eye removed as a small boy, poor soul. I wonder if that was a mistake as well.

I still have an enamel lapel badge which we had made for the N.M.and the Bogstompers fan club. No doubt a collectors item - it'll be on the Antiques Roadshow in a few years !

Incidentally, a lad from Wilmslow , Dave Moores, wrote and published a book in 2009 called 'Sunny Days and Crazy Ways' to chronicle his time growing up in Wilmslow in the 60/70's , shortly after our 'heyday'. He was in a group called Wall Street Crash who were quite well known locally.
Anyway we get a one line mention in the book (if you ever come across it)on opage 51 ! Trouble is, he calls us 'M.N.' and the Bogstompers and refers to our bookings at the Creole Club next to the Rex in Wilmslow. Unfortunately that was about the only local venue we never played at ! Apart from that I'm sure the book's factually accurate !

I may have a photo of the group somewhere. If it turns up I'll download it , or whatever the term is .
Nice to hear from everyone - happy days !

Stewart (Stu) Wilde - 10/1/13






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