Boris and the Dansaks - Accrington

Line-up included

  • John 'Cunny' Cunliffe - vocals
  • 'Haircut' Geoff Greenwood - lead guitar
  • Rishton John - bass
  • Malcolm Whittaker - drums
  • George 'Beechy' McAvoy - drums

Boris and the Dansaks had a line-up of John 'Cunny' Cunliffe on lead vocals (d. Sunday, May 16, 2010, Indonesia), who lived at 45 Willow Lane, Accrington. The rest of the band were 'Haircut' Geoff Greenwood on lead guitar (b. Geoffrey Greenwood), a John Lennon look alike, Rishton John on bass (Johnny Anderson of The Warriors?) and Malcolm Whittaker on drums. For a short while Whittaker was replaced by George 'Beechy' McAvoy.

John Warburg 4/2/14 

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