Bourbon Street/Bourbon Street Beats


  • Ken Bilkis 
  • Tony Roberts 
  • Dave Beveridge 
  • Ken Shelmerdine

Some of gigs remembered:

  • Empress
    Bernard Mannings Embassy Club
  • Wee Willie Harris Roadshow
  • And lots of clubs throughout the Northwest. 

Tony also played solo as Tony King for agent Bunny Lewis.

When I was with Bourbon Street Beats (which we soon shortened to Bourbon Street) we opened for a new band called The Nashville Teens. It was at the big theatre on the A6 on the roundabout into Manchester from Stockport. I believe it was called the Apollo? The sign said - The BOURBON STREET BEATS also The Nashville Teens. They refused to go on until someone got the ladders out and climbed up and changed the sign!" Tony Roberts

It was actually The Apollo at Ardwick Green. The A57 on the left was Hyde Road, and the A6 on the right was Stockport Road. I worked as an electrical engineer at a firm called " Mill Retailers " at that roundabout in 1961.

Tony King - 28/10/11




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