The BoWeevils


  • Jim Hollingworth - guitar
  • Alan Forbes - drums
  • Trevor Jones - guitar
  • Terry Betts - bass
  • Alan D Jackson - bass (replaced Terry)

There were two groups who were good pals, as we all were back then, one was my own Bobby Laine & The Confederates and the other was The Beatmakers, which included Mike Harding on lead guitar.

Tony Stuart, who owned the Oasis Club, wanted a resident band to back visiting solo artistes and approached both groups. The upshot was that Jim Hollingworth and Alan Forbes, of the Confederates, and Trevor Jones (guitar) and Terry Betts (bass) of The Beatmakers formed the BoWeevils. 

Terry was also involved with a trio called The Three Days who played the Irish Clubs. Bobby and I got together a short-lived outfit called The Bobbins. 

Eventually, I replaced Terry so he could do his other thing (and make much money). 

During the life of The BoWeevils the group backed Chuck Berry, Little Richard and also Bo Diddley, although Dave Ward, drummer with The Beatmakers, sat in for Alan Forbes with Bo. 

Dave rose to fame as a presenter on Piccadilly Radio. 

Alan D. Jackson





Above: Alan and Trevor
Below: Jim, Terry and Alan





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