Boydells Vocal Group

(previously The Dice Boys Skiffle Group and The Belmonts) 


  • Eric Thomas - Vocals
  • Stew Darby - Vocals
  • George Mather - Vocals
  • Terry McGeoch - Vocals

Eric Thomas continues the story from The Dice Boys Skiffle Group

Tony and Alan had both left the group, and George introduce us to a workmate of his called Terry McGeoch who fancied himself as a singer.

We auditioned him in the toilets(always the best acoustics) of some pub in Mersey Square Stockport, and two hours later we had our lead singer and the Belmonts were born. Later we changed our name because of a slight conflict with the American Group Dion & The Belmonts, and became The Boydells.

Stew, George, Terry and Eric toured the cabaret clubs of the north, and worked for a while with the Harry Gunn agency that also had the Karl Denver Trio on their books.

We did everything from stag nights at the Domino Club with an unknown Jimmy Tarbuck, and headlined at the same club with Ben E King.

We had regular work around the club circuit with the likes of Joe Brown, The Mindbenders, Sid & Eddie, and all the other regular club favourites.

The group finally disbanded in 1964 for marital and other reasons, but George, Terry and Stewart reformed in 1966 and went on to become winners of Opportunity Knocks as The Graysons. I live down under in Sydney, Terry still lives in Droylsden, and Stewart lives in Denton. George passed away in February, 1995.


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