The Boys

Line-up included

  • John Rigby - lead guitar
  • Billy Barlous - bass
  • Roy Altree - drums
  • Tony Evans - rhythm guitar

As you stated, the Beatles did play at the Bell Hall.and we were lucky enough to play on the same bill that night.The Compair(DJ) was Pete Rigby, who asked me to wait at the entrance to the Bell Hall and direct the Beatles to the rear entrance.

I waited 10 minutes for them to arrive ,then jumped into the front of their "THAMES TRADER" Van,and directed John Lennon who was driving to the rear entrance, where I proceeded to help them unload their Gear(just being nosey) as to what amps and guitars they had.

Our line up consisted of 2 white Fender strats 1 Fender Pro, Bass guitar, 2 vox AC.30's and a (Manchester Barrats' special) Bass amp,with a Red Premium Drum Kit.

One moment that will remain in my memory was,back stage ,John asking me which girl was my girlfriend.he then, sat her on his knee, and sang to here unaccompanied "Mr Postman"

We often played the Co-0p - Par Hall - Stockton Heath Church Hall - Bell Hall.

A big night for us was billing with JERRY-LEE-LEWIS at the Heven an Hell it cost 10/ shillings(50p) to get in.

One of his biggest fans was a guy names STAN CORK who, believe it or not later became a Personal Friend of ELVIS PRESLEY Buts that's another whole story. I kid you not.

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