Break-Thru (Didsbury)

Line-up included

  • Kevin Summerfield - (vocals - from Woodhouse Park)
  • Eric Tetley - (lead guitar - from Didsbury)
  • Dave Tetley - (rhythm guitar - from Didsbury)
  • Ken Baggaley - (bass guitar - from Didsbury)
  • Barrie Thorpe - (drums - from Openshaw)
  • Adrian Botham - (manager - from Didsbury)

Adrian became BEM in December 2015 in recognition of his work with Stockport youth band The Pantonic All Stars. 


Royal Iris - 50 years ago (26 April 1968) we were playing on the iconic "The Royal Iris" sailing down the very "choppy" Mersey. I was the singer and the Tetley brothers (guitar) were getting more and more sea sick as the journey progressed. Their skin colour quickly changed from white to green without the need of lighting effects.

Bernard Manning - I was setting up the microphones at The Embassy Club ("1,2,3 testing 1,2,3 testing etc,") when a voice boomed out from the wings "Oi, I'm paying you to sing not xxxxing count - get on with it!" - that was our introduction to Bernard. After the gig, Bernard offered us a residency. He said that it would make us stars because all the TV people were coming into the club and big things were happening. He offered us about £10 per night for two nights per week. We thought .....yeah we've heard it all before ....don't ring us Bernard, we''ll ring you! Bernard became a millionaire - I became a brewery salesman!

We played covers of hits from the time and also a few of our own songs. We just faded away, probably because we all had decent jobs and could not commit too much time to music. The six of us meet up every year to reminisce about those great times.

Kevin Summerfield - 26/4/18


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