The Breakers Showgroup

also known as The Dawnbreakers


  • Pete Summerscales - bass
  • Pete Johnson - lead & Vocals
  • Pete Bamber - rhythm
  • Dave Clegg - drums 
  • John Buckle - lead guitar
  • Tony Hall - lead vocals/ rhythm guitar
  • Keith Bullock (Lock) - drums
  • Bob Stubbs - bass

Prior to The Breakers Showgroup, the group started life as The Dawnbreakers formed in 1961. The group members were Pete Summerscales (bass), Pete Johnson (lead & Vocal) Pete Bamber (rhythm) and Dave Clegg (drums). When Pete Bamber left Tony Hall replaced him, John Buckle replaced Pete Johnson also at this stage.

Stuart Littlewood of Kennedy St Enterprises became the manager and their name changed to The Breakers.

In early 1966 both Pete Summerscales and Dave Clegg left to be replaced by Bob Stubbs and Keith Bullock prior to the group turning pro.

The group were also known as The Fangs for a Butlins season in 1966.

Keith later joined the Reg James Explosion.


I have a 45 made by the Dawnbreakers Lets live/Loving for you. I am sure they played at my youth club in 1965 but I may be wrong.

I always thought they were from Leeds but just goes to show how your memory lets you down.

I have tried to get this played on SOS on a Saturday morning Radio 2 but no joy. I don't own a recorder player, who does? but I think I know how both tracks sound.

Thanks for all the info on your web site.

John Norman - 6/6/09

Just came across your site. With regard to Let's Live / Loving for you recorded by the Dawnbreakers, we WERE from Leeds. I was the bass player/ singer with the group.

Rod Brooks - 24/3/10

Rod is correct, I was lead singer and the record came out on the Decca label in '65. Sorry, nothing to do with Manchester at all!

After The Dawnbreakers split I formed The Amazing Friendly Apple - also from Leeds.

I later moved to Bury where I still am living and was manager of the HMV record shop on Market Street. I opened it in December 1970 until 1979.

Happy days! 

Pete Waddington - 28/3/10

Hi there - I worked at Butlings Holiday Camp Filey in 1965 and remember The Dawnbreakers well. I worked on the bars so I heard them most nights.They were a very good group and were very popular with the staff.

My favourite song of theirs was Jump Back, I don't know if they recorded it,but for my money it was the best version.

A lot of Groups from that era were underated and they were one of them, I come from the Bradford area and we had some of the best,a lot never made it big but a few did, Smokey to mname just one of them. Those were the days but sadly gone.

Lewis Lee - 7/2/11

All the write ups I read have the Dawnbreakers playing Butlin's Filey in 1966. But I worked there in 1967 and they were there then, living in Hunmanby at, I believe, Carten Cottage.

This photo is of the Butlin's Filey 'beach' fence. Is there a way you can check this out please?

John Adamson - 11/2/13

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