Brent Rodgers and The Druids (Oldham)

Line-up included

  • Stewart/Sid Davies - bass
  • Tony Kelsall - lead
  • Pete Greer - rhythm/lead/backing vocals
  • Steve Moxley - drums
  • Jimmy Semple - vocals
  • Terry Liversidge - bass

I was the bass guitarist with Brent Rogers and the Druids, along with Jimmy Semple, Pete Greer, Tony Kelsall and Steve Moxley. We played in and around Oldham in 1963/1964, The Catacombs, Majestic Ballroom, The Three Cellars at Milnrow plus local pubs. 

One of my favorite venues was St Michael's Youth Club off Abbeyhills Road Oldham, all the local groups played there, Johnny Dean and The Graduates, The Colledos, but two groups stood out for me, Mr Smith and Sum People and The Method. 

We played songs by The Merseybeats, The Big Three, Searchers, Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, etc. 

One memory is when we played The Three Cellars, we opened with Jack The Ripper, [Screaming Lord Sutch] Jimmy banging on the club door and coming in wearing a top hat etc, to us playing, quite an entrance, with girls screaming.

Our gear early on was Pete, Hofner V2 and Watkins Joker, Tony, Watkins Rapier, and Vox AC30, I played a Hofner Artist bass and Vox AC30 bass amp. 

Later Pete got a Guild Starfire guitar and in '64 I got a sunburst Fender Precision bass, which I still have today. The speakers in my Vox weren't great, so I bought a Marshal 4X12 bass cabinet from Barrats, using the Vox amp via an extension speaker socket. 

I was told it was the first Marshal cabinet Barrats had sold as it was a new product. 

I remember we played the Hillstores with a Liverpool group called The Koobas who were really good. Yes, magic days. 

After the Druids, I joined a Manchester group called The Beggars, later called The Blues Division. The Klue was my next group, followed by The Edward Jon and The Manchester Scene. In 1969 we moved to Cleveleys where I played in local groups.

In 2009 Jimmy,Pete and myself, along with two great friends and musicians, Barry Schofield, rhythm guitar/vocals, and Steve Collins [The] drums, reunited to record a 5 song 60's cd. A great experience. 

Love the Manchester Beat web site. 

Sid Davies - 15/1/11

I used to watch them at St Michaels Youth Club and remember doing a slowie with this girl to Jimmy singing My prayer. This was in 1962/3. I later became good friends with Jimmy. They used to do the Oldham Hotel on Yorkshire Street and loads of venues around Oldham.

Jimmy is a compare at a cabaret club in Failsworth and doesn't look a day older, excellent memories.

Mick Ward - 25/1/11

I joined Brent Rodgers and the Druids playing bass in September 1964 it must have been just after Sid Davies had left.

In those days I was an avid diary keeper and I still have records of every booking we did even the money we were paid.

The first booking I did with the group was at the Tender Trap Bacup on the 12th September 1964 and my share of the spoils was thirty bob (one pound and ten shillings). We played at such places as Royton Co-op, Shaw Stores, Unity Hall Oldham, Cubi Club Rochdale, Astoria Ballroom Oldham and many others around the Oldham Rochdale areas.

Looking at my diary now I see that when we played at the Astoria Oldham we got paid three quid each (a fortune then)and for some reason or other I noted that we got a two quid bonus? Do not know what for but there.

Jimmy Semple (Brent Rodgers) left the group after our booking at the Pitt Club Oldham on the 1st November 1964 to join a group called The Falcons. We carried on for a while without Jimmy but it wasn't the same I left after we played at the Top 20 in Hollinwood.

Ahhh the memories. Does anyone remember? Does any one want any further info, as I say I have still got my diaries of my wanton youth in the sixties.

Other groups I played for in the sixties were

  • The Layabouts
  • Dee and the DAs
  • The Four Just Men (Oldham)
  • Johnny Power and the Dynamoes
  • Bobby and the Blue diamonds
  • The Windsor set.

And without checking my diaries a few more I can't remember. Love to hear from anyone out of those days who remembers.

Terry Liversidge  - 4/5/11



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