Carol Kaye and the Dynachords

  • Carole Kaye - vocals
  • Tony Higgins - lead
  • Pete Hoyland - bass
  • Alan Hague - rhythm
  • Dave Bryan - drums
  • Alan Jackson - bass, replaced PH
  • Dave Vernon - bass, replaced AJ
  • Mike O'Neill - drums, replaced DB
  • Pete Pattenden - drums, replaced MO

I played bass guitar for Carol Kaye & The Dynachords during the years of 1964-5. Other members were Tony Higgins (lead), Alan Hague (rhythm) and Mike O'Neill (drums). I'm sorry that I don't have any photos of the group although many were taken professionally but these were kept in the possession of Adrian Batson, our manager.

I left to join Johnny Peters & The Crestas (sometimes we went out as The J.P.s) and was replaced by Dave Vernon. I remember the group as being happy to play together and still see Alan Hague socially. 

Alan D. Jackson

Hi I'm Tony the lead guitarist, I would like to make contact with anyone involved at that time in the early 60s. Kind regards

Tony Higgins 11/7/13 



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