The Citrons (Newton Health/Failsworth)


  • Brian Cochrane - vocals/rhythm
  • Dave Millington - lead
  • Paul Smith - tenor sax
  • Neil ??? - tenor sax
  • Ged Quinn - bass
  • Pete Turner - drums 

Formed in Newton Heath and Failsworth in 1965. Played Domino, Princess, Northern Sporting and Bernard Manning's Embassy Clubs, etc. Supported Them, The Hollies, Dave Dee Dozy..... etc.

Brian Cochrane

David Millington is now retiring from propiertship of the "Well Guitar" Clinic in Colwyn Bay after 9 years helping guitarists find the best set up for their guitar and also building custom guitars for his clientelle. I introduced him to the web site hoping he will add to it for posterity. 

David - 20/5/12

I was a founder member of the Citrons , along with Dave Millington , Pete Copeland, and Dave Lund.

When Pete left the band to live in Wales we found John Murphy guitar and vocals, Pete Turner joined the band when Dave Lund left the band to do session work in London. Our first and only record we made was Jenny Jenny. I am now living in Lincoln still playing guitar and keyboards.

Ged Quinn - 4/1/14
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