Electrons (Burnley)

1963 - 1965


  • David "Wiggy" Wood - bass
  • Roger Greenwood -  
  • Brian Howe - 
  • Jack Howarth - drums

The band that I remember as The Electrons from the Burnley area in the mid sixties and comprised of David "Wiggy" Wood, Roger Greenwood, Brian Howe and Jack Howarth on drums. Played a lot of church hall Saturday night dances as I remember

Keith Holden - 2/1/12

Went to school with Roger & Brian (Burnley Grammar School). Saw the band on a church gig. They were really good even back in those days.

Keith Fawcett  - 28/1/12

The group lasted from 1963 to 1965 before splitting up to pursue various careers. The photo is from the last "gig" at Bank Hall Miners' Club, Burnley. We've had a few recent "reunions" at Ighten Leigh, Burnley (2006 and 2008) and at Barca, Manchester in 2007.

Dave Wood - 20/10/13











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