Electrons (Wilmslow)


  • Phil Henshaw - Guitar
  • Gordon Roberts - Tenor sax
  • Roy Tomkins - Drums
  • Dave Aldcroft - Bass
  • Cliff Bowes - Guitar
  • Brian Shapley - Piano

From the Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser, Friday November 20, 1959

"They're cool Daddyo, real cool. The way they hep that swingin' jive is solid man, the livin' end."

That is the way you might describe the Electrons, a group of local musicians, if you were a "gone cat", but however you describe them, the end result is the same. This talented group with their eyes on fame and fortune in show business, took the first real step to achieving their ambition on Wednesday night.

The group, led by 20 years old Phil Henshaw of Wilmslow, appeared at Manchester Hippodrome in The Carrol Levis Show in which the Canadian-born impresario introduced his "discoveries." Formed just over a year ago, the group came into being from a series of musical "get-togethers" when a few local musicians met to hold impromptu sessions.

As the sessions continued, harmony emerged until it had reached such as stage of proficiency that they decided to form a band and try their luck. From that time on they never looked back. They began to play at local dances but their area increased as their reputation grew. Now they have regular bookings and have become a familiar feature at local events.

The line-up features Gordon Roberts (23), from Alderley Edge, tenor saxophone; Roy Tomkins (27) from Wilmslow, drums; Dave Aldcroft (22), Wilmslow born bass player; manager Brian Shapley (22), from Wilmslow, who doubles on the bass; leader Phil Henshaw (20), guitar, also from Wilmslow, and Wilmslow guitarist Cliff Bowes (22).

Roy has played drums all over the world during a period spent on ocean-going liners, and Gordon played in the Army. At the moment all the members of the group have full time occupations, but if they make the grade in show business they may devote all their time to playing their own particular brand of music. The music they play is a unique mixture of rock 'n' roll and traditional jazz.

If the audience at Manchester Hippodrome like the mixture as much as local dance fans do, the Electrons have a chance of making good.

If a local drummer feels his skill is adequate to play with the group on their future engagements, he should contact the band's manager, Brian Shapley. The band is looking for a drummer.

Footnote: If you are a "gone cat," that is, a rock 'n' roll fan, you will have no difficulty in understanding the description of the band. If not a translation is: "They are good, very good indeed. The way they play the music cannot be beaten for excellence and it is the best I have ever heard."



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