Emotion (Worsley, Farnworth and Bolton) 

Line-up #1

  • Tom Morgan - bass
  • Tony Fearn - vocals
  • Barry Campbell - drums
  • Eric Sandiford - guitar

Line-up #2

  • Tony Fearn - vocals
  • Bill Bradbury - bass
  • Rob Harwood -  
  • Bill Lever - organ
  • Geoff Mann - drums

I was a member of a group about 1967 to 1970 called "Emotion". We were from Worsley, Farnworth and Bolton. 

The photos were taken in about 1967 at Bolton Wanderers Football Club. We did many of the well known venues in the north of England. 

Eric Sandiford
  • Emotion Gig 1969
  • poster1
  • emotion4
  • emotion2
  • emotion3
  • emotion1












The van was an Austin J2 about 1961 manufacture and was purchased for about £10 and served us well for about two years. It was allways a fight for the middle seat in the front as this was over the engine, the van had no heater! it was replaced in about 1969 by a Transit(what else) which seemed like luxury. Interestingly a few years later when I played with a group from London area we had a special order Transit with twin wheels at the rear and a V6 3litre engine which would cruise all day at 90mph and we usually did!





The guitar in the photo is a Vox Lynx which I bought off Brian Hindley (Fitz n Startz). He taught me quite a lot in my early days. He played with a group called Les Drambuies after Fitz n Startz they were from Boothstown. The Vox AC30 amplifier I purchased from a guy who had played in The Impact, but he gave up and joined the Police force.





The small ad above features the Emotion for whom I played bass guitar. Other members: Rob Harwood; Billy ________; Geoff Mann; Tony Fearn.

Great nights on that tiny stage. Getting big speakers down the narrow stairs was murder but an opportunity to show off to the ladies.

We were promoted to the upstairs lounge occasionally -once supporting The Ivy League.

Bill Bradbury



The Emotion of which I was a member (Emotion 2?) must have been a later manifestation of the group than the one described by Eric.

The ad for the gig at Montgomery Town Hall (The Dance Centre of Mid Wales) from the County Times and Express is dated April 26th1969 so this dates our inception as early 1969 at the latest.

The ad confirms that we were “the most requested group in Mid Wales” and sensibly advises: “GIRLS MAKE A NOTE”. The Welsh press, like the English press, is unfailingly accurate!

The accompanying poster further confirms our quality –punters (doubtless including many girls with notes as aide memoirs) were willing to travel from as far as Welshpool and pay 7 and 6 (thirty seven and a half pence) to watch us for 4 hours (albeit tempted also by the free bus!)

Emotion 2 played numerous gigs over (mainly) the North West during 1969, travelling in an elderly green Atlas van. We were regulars at Bolton’s Cromwellian and at Farnworth Monaco.
We played many of the old soul standards but with a full organ-augmented sound and blistering solos from Rob Harwood’s Strat.

When we broke up (in debt from having bought equipment from our Wigan agent at exorbitant cost) Tony Fearn and, I think, Geoff the drummer toured briefly with a group called the New Herd (though with no link to Peter Frampton apart from someone owning the name) and ended up in Germany and another acrimonious break-up.

I had the occasional pint with Tony Fearn around 15 years ago but he has died since –a likeable rogue who had the most wonderful way with the ladies. And not a bad singer!

Bill Bradbury

I was the drummer in Emotion 2 although at the time I thought it was the only one. Toured Germany with Tony Fearn and others in a group that was formed when Emotion split. The Billy that Brad refers to is Bill Lever, a good organist.

Must admit to being gobsmacked when I found this Web page. i found it by accident and the first page it opens up to is the advert for The Emotion at the Crom and then saw Bills posters that I still have. Loads of stories of girls leaving home to camp on our doorstep. vans breaking down in the middle of nowhere, oh so many. At least I got to play at the original Cavern so that was one of many dreams realised.

Geoff Mann

My sister used to go with out with Eric in the sixties. I remember him having a car called a Lee France's - it looked like car from the anthill mob from Wacky Races. I remember him well. Hope he and his family are well.

Paul Slater - 20/11/12










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