Eric's Dog


  • Eric Haydock - Bass
  • Chris Sheppard - Vocals and Guitar
  • Steve Christopher - Drums
  • Phil Clifford - Lead Guitar
  • John Redfern - Keyboards

Eric, Chris, Steve, Phil, John (photo copyright Steve Christopher)

This line up came together in 1979 and was active for about a year. The band were called Erics Dog after Eric's Charles Spaniel who used to come to rehearsals with him. 
The band played all over the North but had so many differing aspirations that it would prove to be impossible to continue.

  • Steve went into artist management
  • Phil Clifford left to continue a teaching profession.
  • Chris Sheppard went on to release a solo Cd with Steve titled "One Life"
  • Sadly, John Redfern died of a heart attack around 1983 - he was a great guy and is sadly missed by all of us.
  • Eric set up his music store and has gone on to something of a revival of his earlier success with the Hollies in 'Class of 64'.

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