The Falcons (Swinton)

Line-up #1

  • Mike Lynch - vocals/rhythm
  • Harry Allington - lead
  • Pete Kenny - lead/rhythm
  • Eddie Rodgers - drums

Line-up #2

  • Mike Lynch - vocals/rhythm
  • Ady Edelston - lead
  • Pete Knight - rhythm
  • Glen Oakley - drums


Pic of THE FALCONS circa 1959
L to R Pete Knight. Mike Lynch. Ady Eddleston. Drummer Glen Oakley took the pic

Note: these line ups didn't have a bass guitarist, at the time most kids wanted to play six strings consequently bass guitar owners and players were a distinct rarity and bass lines when learnt were played by the rhythm player.

Originally formed in 1958, the Falcons rock group came into existence off the back of two skiffle groups, The Spidermen and The Hangmen. These groups were originally formed by Mike Lynch to play in local youth clubs in the Swinton area of Manchester. The band played mostly youth clubs and a couple of adventurous local pubs who risked getting rid of the old piano and drums singalong format.

The group eventually played the stage at Swinton Palais and were probably the first group of its type to play there, formally a venue for the ballroom danceband style of entertainment.

This gig probably opened the door for the Palais being a regular venue for hundreds of Manchester bands. The group eventually split late 1959 due to some members not being happy with rock n roll as a way of life.

Mike Lynch went on to form The Stormbeats along with Ady Edelston and Glen Oakley.

Eddie Rogers emerged a few years later as drummer with The Rebels. And Pete Kenny worked with Mike and Ady some years later in an early incarnation of The Chapters.








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