The Falcons /The Klue (Oldham/Chadderton)

Line-up included


  • Tony Hall - rhythm guitar/vocals
  • Neil Pickering - drums
  • Ian Shaw - guitar
  • Eddie Gibbons - bass/vocals
  • Pete Ward - vocals
  • Jimmy Semple - vocals
  • Eddie Gibbons - bass
  • Bob Moorhouse - drums
  • Brendan Druggit - guitar/vocals
  • Dennis (Ted) Heywood - keyboards
  • Sid Davies - bass
  • Ian Waller (Big Wal) - bass
  • Austin Hardman - guitar

The Falcons were formed in Chadderton in early 1963 and had only three members originally.

  • Tony Hall – Vocal and Rhythm Guitar
  • Ian Shaw – Lead Guitar
  • Neil Pickering – Drums

The first paid booking was at King St Stores, Oldham on 1st March 1963. Eddie Gibbons joined the group as bass guitarist and vocalist during a booking at the Gardeners Hotel , Waterhead in June 1963. This line-up lasted August 1964 with Tony Hall’s dad managing the group at which point Tony Hall left to join The Dawnbreakers, another local group.

Tony was replaced for a short time by Pete Ward as vocalist and later by Jimmy Semple who still performs today in the Oldham club and pub scene.

Neil Pickering (the drummer) was replaced by Bob Moorhouse who had previously played with the Blakjaks and around the same time the group changed name to The Klue.

Various band members came and went……Brendan Druggit (Guitar Vocals), Dennis (Ted) Heywood on Keyboards. Eventually Eddie Gibbons left the group and was replaced by Sid Davies and subsequently in Sept 1965 by Ian Waller (Big Wal) who sadly died of a heart attack in 1988. Shortly afterwards Ian Shaw left and was replaced by Austin Hardman.


I did play drums in a band with Ian, Eddie, and Jimmy Semple, but I don't remember the "Falcons" name, I thought we were called "The Klue".
Can any one throw any light on that ?

Bob Moorhouse - 26/2/11

I would be interested to know if Ian Shaw came from Eleanor Road,Royton as I bought an amp off him which he bulit and was fantastic. I used it for a few years with my group, the Faction. He was studying electronics at the time and he designed a treble booster which was fitted into the amp and I still have the original circuits signed and dated by Ian.

I am also certain that the Klue played at a press ball at Counthill Grammar School, Oldham where I was a student. Can anyone out there in '60's land confirm?

John M Lees - 22/10/11

Yes, I can confirm that I did live on Eleanor Rd, Royton until 1972. Also the Klue did play at a Press Ball on Thursday 28th Oct 1965 but I don't have a venue in my old diary.

Ian Shaw - 20/6/12

What great days we had there were many groups on the Oldham and Manchester scene. Its funny I was talking to a friend of mine only today Ted Jones about Jimmy Semple the singer from The Klue.

Ted, Alan Verity, Alan Lees and Philip Riding and I were in a group called The Trolls. Ted said that Jimmy is still singing in the pubs. I must get to see him again. I do know of the Falcons no conection to the Klue.

Robert Howard MBE now living in London - 7/10/12

Just to say I remember because of knowing Jimmy Semple we went to a rehearsal at Bob Moorhouses dad's lock up and they sounded brilliant.

I remember Bob had a Rodgers kit and the snare rim had a crack in it which made it sound even better.

You can learn a lot from good muscians and we certainly did waching the KLUE rehearse.

Good days, and keep up the excellent work Paul.

Mike Ward - Peppertree - 29/3/13
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