Five Commandments


  • Grayham Barnett - Bass
  • Ieuan Griffiths - Drums
  • Ron Harding - Vocals
  • Terry Hallett - Rhythm
  • Phil Coggan - Lead

The original members were Ronnie James, Ieuan (Griff) Griffiths, Grayham Barnett and myself (Phil Coggan).

We based our music on The Shadows, (I can remember copying Hank Note for note, even the mistakes!) but also played chart material.

I played a Watkins 33 guitar and a Dominator 17 watt amp, which doubled as a p.a. using a tape recorder mike, the sound must have been awesome!!!

We called ourselves The Condors, The Sabres and then The Five Commandments when Ron (Bow) Harding joined as lead singer.

I remember that we could get all the gear into a Ford Anglia, that is except my guitar which I held on the outside of the car with my hand through the window!

We moved to Blackpool at the end of 1964 with a new rhythm guitarist called Terry Hallet who had a 'proper' guitar, a Gretsch. We stayed at the bassplayers mum and dads hotel at Station Street, South Shore.

We were now playing R&B ie. early Stones, Animals etc. With all new gear. I bought a Fender 'Regal' guitar which was a Harmony I believe although it was'nt marked on the guitar anywhere, I've not seen another one like it.

After a few months we rented a house in Great Ecclestone not far from the farm where The Rockin Vickers and The Wheels lived.

We played most of the clubs and dancehalls in and around Blackpool and had a good following, and a fan club.

Griff the drummer left first, he was replaced by The Batchelors ex drummer Tony Tolly. I was next to leave having been asked to join Lee Wade and the Wild Ones, and then another adventure began!

Phil Coggan

I played with the Five Commandment from 64 to 65.

I had a good time playing all the club on the Fylde. I left September 65 and went on to play with lots of groups in Blackpool.

Terry Hallett - 21/1/10

I was with the Five Commandments from the very begining. We used to practise in Deri in South Wales and we had some really good times. We moved as a group, to Blackpool and played on a regular basis.

I have been in touch with Phillip Coggan, another band member, for a long while, but I was suprised to see Terry Hallets comments on this site.

Terry and I both live in Blackpool, and we used to see each other from time to time, but lost touch about 2years ago.

But tonight on an off chance, I gave him a ring on an old telephone number, and he answered. We are meeting up next week.
I have found some pictures of the group, which I will post on this site shortly 

Ieuan Griffiths - 3/7/10

I went to lots of gigs with you as I was going out with Phil. Some good memories. Glad to see that you guys are still alive and kicking.

I moved to London in 68. I'm still in touch with Rod Demick from The Wheels, he's still playing and writing with blues band Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes. He now lives in the Lakes but we get to see each other when he's down in London.

Also saw Herbie Armstrong last year. He owns and runs a rock'n roll bar called The Fountain in Rowlands Castle Portsmouth. Look forward to seeing those photo's Griff.

Hazel - 5/9/10

It was 1962 when my family moved from Wales to Blackpool - what a culture shock for me. The two families Barnetts/ Walters lived in the Victoria Hotel,Station Rd. I was just becoming a teenager when you and the rest of the group came to stay with us - it was very exciting.

I, along with countless other girls, had the biggest crush on you ever.

My sister Carol went on to marry Ron (Bow) Harding.

Unfortnately Bow passed away a couple of years ago but looking at the couple of the pics on this website today made it all feel like yesterday again.

Tanya Harris nee Walters - 4/10/10

Great pics of my uncle Bow....only heared the vinyl record today...well impressed.Well it's a small world indeed..didn't realise that they used to reherse in deri south wales. (I LIVE THERE)....

BUZZ - 13/11/10

Tanya ,Glad you made your comments its good to ear from you, They where good times..

Buzz, can you tell me about yourself (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) I was born and bred in Deri. 10 School St.

Thanks to Phil Coggan for starting this all going.

Griff ( Ieuan) Griffiths - 19/11/10
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