Florida Beach


  • William Danson - lead
  • Barry Schofield - rhythm
  • Phil Bertenshaw - bass
  • Jeff Harman - drums

Line up was me, from Ashton on lead gtr, Barry Schofield from Stalybridge on rhythm, Phil Bertenshaw from Denton on bass and Jeff HArmann also from Ashton, on drums.

We played together til 1970 when I went pro, and I still do it.

Attached some photos I just found, circa 1968. More when I get back from holiday in Thailand.

My duo at the moment is called Dance On!........Danson, get it! Cheers 

William G Danson - Dance On! duo

I remember seeing this group (band?) at a pub in Weaverham or Northwich around '67 and they sounded amazingly good. If you closed your eyes it was the Beach Boys!

Bill Jones

As you know, Will Danson is still doing his bit keeping music live and is currently playing in Thailand. 

When last heard of Barry Schofield was living in Pellegrue, in the Bergerac region of France.

Phil Bertenshaw is presently working on an impresive barn-conversion project in Eire.

And I (Jeff Harman) am retired and living in Peyia, Cyprus.

To the best of my knowledge, other than Will, none of the other Florida Beach group members is actively involved in the music scene, but that's not to say I don't enjoy watching a live band/ artiste whenever the opportunity arises.

As regards Barrie Townsend, late of "The Powerhouse 6"; he's also living out here in Cyprus and is one of my boozing buddies.

Jeff Harman - 28/4/09
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