Just been going back over my old diaries (very old) and came across a group I'd forgotten about.

The name of this group was ' Food '. They were a very young group, I seem to recall the youngest was only 14 and the eldest 16. They rehearsed above a shop on Shaw Rd in Oldham. This was in 1967.

At the time I was in rehearsal with Seduction and not on the road so I gave the lads the use of our Bedford van for a few weeks to get them to gigs. Transport was their biggest problem due largely to their age. I know they did gigs around Manchester but they seemed to work mostly in West Yorkshire.

I saw them on a couple of gigs and remember thinking at the time what decent players they were considering how young they were, and I'm not being patronising.

I've no idea what became of them and I don't even remember their names however it wouldn't surprise me if they went on to do well either as a group or individually.

Perhaps people will remember them more clearly if you include them on Mbeat. I would be most interested myself to know more.

John Needham 23/5/13

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