Gay and the Guys


  • Gaye Tetlow (Gaynor Tetlow) - lead vocals
  • Bob Smith (Robert Smith) - lead vocals, tambourine
  • Keith Meredith - vocals, lead & rhythm guitar
  • Ken Mills (Kenneth Mills) - vocals, bass
  • Graham Smith - drums


Gaye and the Guys fromed in 1962 in Manchester, with a line-up of Gaye Tetlow on lead vocals (b. Gaynor Tetlow), Bob Smith on lead vocals, tambourine (b. Robert Smith), Keith Meredith on vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, Ken Mills on vocals, bass (b. Kenneth Mills) and Graham Smith on drums.

This band split in 1963 and all the band except Tetlow, joined up with lead & backing vocalist, lead guitarist Frank Renshaw (b. Tuesday, June 22, 1943, Wythenshaw, South Manchester, Lancashire, UK) in Stockport, Cheshire based The Toggery Five.

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