The Generation Saka Jason's Generation)


John Coley - bass
Mike Bellis - drums
Jeff Alker - lead
Mo (Maurice) Bent - vocals

Salford based band around 1965/66

"Its up to you" was recorded in 1966 in a studio in Denmark St, London.

Harvey Lisberg set up the session and paid for it (I think he paid for it). It was released (Polydor 56042) in 1996 and I have not heard it since until recently. I found a reference to it searching the Internet.

Apparently it was re-released on a compilation CD in 1998. Paranoid Records CD 003 - Purple Pill Eaters. I searched and searched but couldn't find a copy of this CD, so I asked the owner of a local record shop that specializes in obscure stuff to have a go. It took him about three months but he eventually found a copy in the U.K

Some interesting things about it, Graham Gouldman (10cc etc.) is singing backup vocals. Clem Cattini (Tornados, Johnny Kidd etc.) is playing drums, our own drummer wasn't considered "good enough" for the session. I can't remember who the keyboard player is.

By the way I am still playing occasionally, the last "band" was duo doing some pub gigs. Name of the band - "Twisted Wheel". Some of the gear I use. Two Strats One Fender one custom built, A custom built Tele, Les Paul Standard, Fender P-Bass and a load of miscellaneous stuff. ( Reason for custom built stuff is it's all left handed). "

John Douglas-Coley

The keyboard player was John Lord (Deep Purple). The Original A (demo) copies came out with Jason's Generation on the label because the Producer Harvey Lisberg was manager of Herman's Hermits at the time and had a thing about the somebody's something format. Polydor changed it back to the original band name of The Generation for the commercial release.

As I recall John, it wasn't that Mike wasn't considered good enough, it was just that percussion recording in those ultra small sound booths of the 60's with fairly primitive recording equipment (by today's standards) required a very delicate touch, and we didn't have the time/cash for Mike to learn the skills.

Maurice (Mo) Bent 14/2/14

From Harvey Lisberg’s website 

The Generation (a.k.a. Jason’s Generation) was a Manchester and Salford based band previously known as The Lobos and formed around 1965.  I put them in Southern Studio (Denmark Street) in 1966 to record “It’s Up To You” / “Insurance Companies Are Very Unfair”.  Mike Collier and I co-produced the session and wrote the B-side on the spot as the band had nothing else up-to-scratch to put down.  The recordings were released again in 1996 (Polydor 56042) and on the compilation CD “Purple Pill Eaters” in 1988 on Paraniod Records.  On this session, there was Graham Gouldman singing backing vocals, Clem Cattini (Tornados, Johnny Kidd, etc.) on drums, and Jon Lord (Deep Purple) playing keyboards. 


UK 45

Its Up To You / Insurance Co.'s Are Very Unfair
Polydor 56042   1966 




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