Glass Onion

Publicity Photo of Glass Onion taken at The Blue Room in Sale around early 70’s - Glyn Driscoll, Steve McCracken, Jim Casey & Bill Jones


  • Bill Jones - bass
  • Glynn Driscoll - lead and keyboard
  • Jim Casey - vocals
  • Steve McCracken - drums

At the time St Peppers opened I was playing drums in a group called Glass Onion along with Bill Jones, Bass guitar, Glyn Driscoll, Lead guitar and key boards and Jim Casey vocals. I was driving past St Peppers at the time it was being prepared for opening, decided to look inside and met Tony Stewart.

As a result of my meeting Glass Onion became the resident group.

Fortunately, we had ceased our residency by the time it burned down other wise we would have lost all our equipment!!

Steve McCracken - 12/3/13

Glass Onion played around the Manchester and Stockport area, mainly residences including the Apres-Ski Lodge at Greenfield, Oldham, Sgt Peppers in Stockport, The Blue Room in Sale and Tiffany's on Oxford Street, Manchester. Great Times!

Bill Jones - 15/7/13

I'm sad to inform you of the death of Glyn Driscoll on the 17th of September. Glyn was a founder member of Glass Onion and played with The Harbour Lights at Bredbury Hall. He was a great musician and an even greater human being. He will be missed.

Bill Jones - 18/9/15


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