Martin Sievey - Rosetti 3 and Mazeltoff amp
John Walters - Broadway Drums
David Owen - Vox Bass through an old radiogram
Tony Stewart - Hofner Club 50 acoustic
Terry Hutchinson - Reslo vocals plugged into the other socket of Mazeltoff

I went to Stampford Hall, Altrincham mainly to see how the guitarists played and although my school beat group "THE GOLDEN RULES" with my Mazeltoff and Rosetti 3, never got past the youth club stage, those formative years are still the dearest memories I have.

Our repertoire was Kinks, Stones, Jimmy Reed, Drifters etc. My personal favourite was the Mighty FORTUNE TELLER Played like the Merseybeats who also graced the Stamford Hall.

I'm currently forming a BEAT GROUP in Gloucestershire where I've now lived for over 20 years.

We've had 2 practices with my 17-year-old son CAZ on bass, me on a recently aqu ired Rosetti 3 by Egmond and Mazeltoff Amp. and another Martin on drums ... WATCH THIS SPACE.... NOW I GET MY FORTUNE TOLD FOR FREE!!

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