Gonx (Swinton)



  • Joyce Moore - vocals
  • Ken Wallwork - vocals
  • Jim Woods - lead/keyboard
  • Dave Bold - guitar/harmonica
  • Ian Saunders - drums
  • Geoff Parkinson - bass/vocals

Based in Swinton and always in the shadow of the Cymerons, the Gonx managed to keep busy with the usual rounds of club, corporate, wedding, function type gigs. They played a selection of pop/r+b type stuff typical of which were Beatiful Delilah, Long Tall Shorty, Tired of Waiting, etc.

Having already played with a competent semi pro band in Kathy and the Boleros I expected to audition with Louie Louie or something similar but can remember them throwing Cilla Black's Love of the Loved at me on our first meeting. I did the usual trick of winding the tone pot back so each note was indistinguishable and bluffed my way into the line up.

The promo picture was taken on Broad St in Salford when the multi storey flats were being built, which dates it somewhat.

Regular gigs included Bulloughs Christmas doo's, the Beehive, etc.

I remember that I couldn't afford a hard case for my Framus bass so my gran made a drawstring bag. We played at the Three Coins in Fountain Street and always put the bass on the roof of the Bedford van while we loaded the heavy stuff in and the put the bass on top. This time we forgot and drove off towards Swinton.

When we reached our destination it became obvious that the Framus wasn't present so we rang Bootle Street police station to see if it had been handed in. The officer on duty said it had and not to worry as although a bus had gone over it but it seemed alright, although he hadn't opened the bag.

To prove that it was ok he rattled the bag over the phone. Probably one of my happier days as it was crap anyway and I was relieved to part company with it

Geoff Parkinson





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