The Good Guys 


info courtesy Harold Weller


  • Dave Murphy - Vocals
  • Steve Rubel -  Guitar
  • Tony Kay - Drums
  • Terry Irvine - Bass 
  • Harold Weller - Guitar/vocals 

The brain-child of young Manchester businessman / entrepreneur Steve Rubel. When in New York Steve became very much aware of, and later met the major group of radio & TV Disc-Jockies collectively known as The Good Guys. An inspired Steve then purchased a Gretch Tennessee and rumour has it,` smuggled it back to the UK to avoid duty tax….

Steve wasted no time in putting together the `Good-Guys` hoping to cash in on the wake of the US name.

They played a balanced mixture of R&B and Pop. This was enhanced by the prodigal drumming of a very young Tony Kay, who could muster a 15min solo as and when required. Plus the somewhat brash and very much `in your face` style vocals from Murphy which certainly commanded audience attention.

Big Break …came when Rubel`s influence connected The Good-Guys to Kennedy Street Enterprises. They soon became the supporting Band to well known outfits such as Hermans Hermits, Nashville Teens, Rocking Berries, Sounds Inc. etc. who frequented Manchester`s Oasis and Twisted Wheel Clubs.

Only recording was cover version of Shirelles `Will you love me tomorrow` C/w Everley Bros. `Bird-Dog`


Just a line to note the sad passing of STEVE RUBEL founder/member of the GOOD GUYS 1964/5. Steve was a talented guitarist and even at 19 years of age had a true `Head for Business` and managed our Band with real expertise.

It was a pleasure to play music with Steve, and be part of the great 60`s scene.

Hadge Weller - 16/10/10

Sad to hear of the passing of Steve Rubel, founder member of The Good Guys. He was a "Good Guy" and he was a "Nice Guy," and a great musician to boot. His contribution to the 60's music scene in Manchester can never be underestimated. He will be sadly missed by all those that knew him.

Terry Irvine (former Bassist, The Good Guys) - 27/10/10
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