The Grand Union aka Grand Union of Volk later known as Wild Thyme


Line-up included

  • Terry Davies - Guitar
  • David Houghton - Drums
  • Johnny Sharples - bass
  • Dave Peacock - vocals
  • Billy Langin - guitar


Photos show 3 of the original 4 who started at the Boathouse in Astley 1968. Singer was Dave Peacock who left after just a short time after a squabble with the landlord.
Johnny Sharples (ex Vulcans) Dave Houghton on drums and Terry Davies on guitar.

The group carried on as a trio for some time.

When they added a 4th Billy Langin on guitar they left the Boathouse and did a variety of clubs and dances. Worked as mid show dance group at the Towers Club Warrington and on to last spot Garrick Leigh.

There they met the real Grand Union who backed Jonnie Johnson so added 'of Volks' to the name as Dave ran a Volkswagen van.

Brief spell managed by Ian Hindmarch.

Then Terry left and was replaced by 2 lads from Bolton who answered the ad for a guitarist singer. Rehearsals above Band Club in Tyledesley.

Worked on as Wild Thyme as a 5 piece mid 1969. New members were Ernie Jones and guitarist was Malc Halsall, both had worked together in other groups. 

Billy worked as spark so the group was one of the first to have their own lights, some operated using a foot-switch by the bass drum others used a flashing unit. Stage uniform of ruffle fronted shirts. Vehicle a thirsty Bedford ambulance that doubled as a dressing room.

Later on Dave and Billy worked together in the Letters showgroup in 1972.Dave and Malc worked in Phoenix Express 1984 when Dave eventually quit drumming for work reasons in 1986.

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