Grisby Dyke

Lineup included

  • Derek Foley - Guitar
  • Lou Stonebridge - vocals
  • Ron Henshall - saxaphone/flute
  • Dave Buckle - drums
  • Graham Moores - guitar
  • John Titley - bass

Ron Henshall turned professional in 1968 with Grisby Dyke. They supported many groups including Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and Rod Stewart, they played with The Grit Band at the Cavern Club in Liverpool around 1970. Two Manchester bands flying the flag in Liverpool.

When Grisby Dyke split Ron joined Socrates a trio who won Opportunity Knocks. He's still playing in 2006 with The Aidan Townsend Band, who can be seen Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Manchester's Trafford Centre. 

Dave Buckle is now working under the stage name of Dave Buck, as an international comedian.

He is still in touch with former members of Grisby Dyke, and still plays drums occasionally with Pete Maclaine and the Clan. 

Grisby Dyke History - Courtesy John Titley 

  • The Admirals (Stockport group 1963-66) four members, can only name Graham Moores (1945-2002) the lead guitarist who became a member of The Impact. 
  • The Spots (Stockport group 1964-66) Tony Meadows,Bill McGeehan, and Roy Pickford (drums) & John Titley (bass) who became members of The Impact. 
  • The other member of The Impact was Ron Williams (rhythm guitarist). Can't remember his previous group's name. 
  • Ron Williams left The Impact 1967 and was replaced by Howard Torson. 
  • Howard Torson left The Impact 1968 and was replaced by Derek Foley. 
  • Roy Pickford left The Impact 1968 and was replaced by Dave Buckle.
  • The Impact (Buckle, Foley, Moores and Titley) changed their name to Grisby Dyke Nov 1968.
  • Grisby Dyke released 'The Adventures of Miss Rosemary La Page' on Deram label in 1969.
  • G. Moores and J.Titley left Grisby Dyke Aug 69 and reformed The Impact with Mick Gilbourne on drums.
  • Grisby Dyke added 2/3 new members.


"Grisby Dyke" were without doubt one of the finest live acts to come out of Manchester in the late 1960s.

They were young but highly polished and professsional, their clean cut image belied the dynamism and power that the band meted out.

Singer/guitarist Derek Foley oozed talent and exuded a presence that permiated the whole band, they were amazing!.......

I auditioned as drummer for Grisby Dyke around 1969 at a pub near Macclesfield.

The bass player was Marshall Archer who I worked with in the late 1970s with progressive original music band Eclipse. I can remember they had a van with Aircraft Seats which was the trademark of any real band back then.

I did not get the gig as I had already decided to travel to France with pop group Big Wheel.

Rick Henshaw

The Admirals only recorded one single that I know of, in 1965 on Philips Fontana TF 597 in mono The Promised Land penned by Phillip Smith with a cover of Freddy Cannon's Palisades Park on the flip side. Two great tracks.

John Hesford - 15/9/11
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