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  • Lol Creme - vocals
  • Pete Cowap - lead

This band was in effect 10cc under another name. They released only one single, a cover version of Da Do Ron Ron. Whilst this band featured Pete Cowap, possibly on lead guitar, the lead vocal is performed by Lol Creme singing in a very high pitched voice. The B side, an instrumental call Pig Bin 'An Gone, was written by Stewart/Godley/Creme/Gouldman. To my knowledge the record sank without trace!

Graham Long

Grumble was another 10cc/Strawberry Studios project with Peter Cowap on lead guitar and Lol Creme doing the high-register falsetto lead vocals on a new and updated version of the Crystals’ classic 1963 hit “Da Doo Ron Ron”, written by Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry and Phil Spector.

The B-side “Pig Bin An’ Gone” was an instrumental number penned by 10cc.

The single was released by RCA Victor in the UK on June 29, 1973 - Pete Cowap’s 29th. Birthday. It was also released in Germany where it came with an artwork cover, but the single was a flop in both countries.

Olaf Owre - 9/3/12
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