Line-up included

  • Stuart Grattidge - vocals/keyboards/guitar/bass
  • Baz H - vocals/drums
  • Tony H - bass/vocals
  • Brian Holt - bass
  • Phil Bromley - bass

Formed in early 1972 by Stuart Grattidge (vocals, (keyboards, guitar, bass), Baz H (Drums/ Vocals) and Tony H (Bass/ Vocals). After all playing in bands throughout the 60s they met and formed Gypsy, (Vocals Harmony Comedy Group). Stuart was an ex member of Dave Baron and the Chariots/ Sweet Chariot.

Baz was an ex member of the Sinners and Threes a Crowd where he met Ken Bond alias- Ken Bridge ex member of Dave Baron and the Chariots and thats how he met Stuart.

Tony Played in the Hot Spots and Pandora' Box when he met Stuart and talked of forming a new group over the next few years. GYPSY became a formidable force winning lots of competitions and numerous fans. Then changes of bass player took place.

Brian Holt replaced Tony H and then Brian left to be replaced by Phil Bromley a great character better known as Sid Snot as he would take off Kenny Everett.

Phil unfortunately left and Stuart and Baz carried on for years as a duo and eventually changed their name to New Formula before they had the van stolen with all the gear/ props.

They remained close friends until Stuart's sad death in December 2012, a great loss to the Manchester beat scene and close friends.

Baz H - 25/5/13
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