Haydock's Rockhouse

This was a short-lived project of Eric Haydock's after he left The Hollies in 1966. See also Eric's Dog

Line-up included

  • Peter Ainsworth - vocals
  • Ian Brooks - bass/trumpet
  • Tony Danforth - organ
  • Eric Haydock - bass - 6 string Fender VI
  • Barry Worthington - tenor sax/flute
  • Ken Knight - drums
  • Hector Smith - drums
  • Roger Wallburn - guitar/vocals
  • Dereck Taylor - lead guitar, bass 
  • Bill Conway - vibes, keyboards and alto sax

In '66 Eric Haydock, fresh from leaving the Hollies joined an already existing band formed in '64 called 'The Soul Executives'. The line up of which was:- Ian Brookes - Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Barry Worthington - Tenor Sax and flute, Graham Attwood - Baritone Sax, Bill Conway - Vibes, Keyboards and alto sax, Dereck Taylor - Guitar & Bass, Ken Knight - Drums, Pete Ainsworth - Vocals

After a 'spat' with Pete, Graham Attwood left the band and it was decided that I, as the bass player should move to trumpet full time to replace him in the brass section. We advertised for a bass player and Eric walked into our rehearsal and asked to join the band.

Ian Brooks

I was the guitarist/vocalist with Haydocks Rockhouse,and played on both singles recorded at Studio2, Abbey Road. I now play with 70s group The NEW SEEKERS for who my wife Francine Rees is lead vocalist.

Roger Walburn

Eric Haydock (b. Tuesday, February, 3, 1942, Burnley, Lancashire, UK) the bassist in The Hollies, finally left the band in Late July 1966 and he formed his own short-lived group Haydock's Rockhouse with Haydock on bass, Ken Knight on drums (b. Kenneth Knight), Barry Worthington on tenor sax, flute, Pete Ainsworth on lead vocals (b. Peter Ainsworth, Stockport, Cheshire, UK), Ian Brooks on bass, occasional trumpet and Dereck Taylor on lead guitar, bass (ex-The Toggery Five). 

This was an already existing band called The Soul Executives formed in 1962 by Ian Brooks on bass (Burns), occasional trumpet, Ken Knight on drums and Worthington on tenor sax, flute with Pete Ainsworth on lead vocals (b. Peter Ainsworth), Graham Attwood on baritone sax, Bill Conway on vibes, organ, alto sax (b. William Conway) and Dereck Taylor on lead guitar, bass. 

In Late July 1966 Attwood left after a splat with Ainsworth and Brooks moved over to full time trumpet. The band advertised for a bass player and Haydock, who had just left The Hollies walked into their rehearsal room and asked to join the band. They also changed their name as there was another band in Blackpool called The Executives, who included future Jethro Tull flutist and lead vocalist Ian Anderson. Not long after that Haydock did not want Conway in the band and so he left.

Not long after that Brooks had a run in with Ainsworth and left to join Gin House. So Taylor became the bassist and the band was joined by Roger Wallborn on lead guitar, vocals? A later members of the band was organist Tony Danforth (b. Anthony Danforth) and drummer Hector Smith.

John H. Warburg - 5/8/14


Cupid/She Thinks - Friday, November 11, 1966 - Columbia DB 8050 1966

Lovin' You/Mix A Fix - Friday, February 17, 1967 - Columbia DB 8135 1967

"Cupid" was originally sung by Sam Cooke. "Lovin' You" was a Lovin' Spoonful number.


I knew the singer Pete Ainsworth, he was from Stockport and was seriously into soul music. He'd played in various bands but an invitation to be part of Eric Haydock's new set up led him to leave his job (at Balloon Street's CWS) and plunge into the music world full time. This was in the early summer of 1966.

I don't know what became of either him or the rest of the group but I hope and pray that they are all still rocking and well.

Allan Jones

I remember going with my girlfriend to see Haydock's Rockhouse with Pete Doyle and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders at New Century Hall on Ssaturday night 15th April 1967. Only know this because I used to keep a diary in those days and still have them all from 1964 until 1977. Bit sad I know but really good for remembering gigs you went to.

We started to go into town more from Stockport after the Sinking Ship was burnt out by fire in the early hours of 6th April 1967

Shaun Hallworth - 4/2/13


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