The Heebie Jeebies (Bolton)



  • Ken Allen - sax
  • Dave Allen - guitar
  • Dave Burgum (Blosh) - vocals
  • Alan Pearce - drums
  • Dave Nightingale - bass

We had a singer (Blosh) with a shaven head - a novelty in those days.

Played all over Lancashire - we knocked around and became friendly with the Wheels (Belfast) and the Rockin Vicars in Blackpool - did soul, rock, instrumentals.

Later went on to the Working Mens Club scene.

Happy days.

Dave Allen

Blosh was the nickname of Dave Burgum - a name he did not like at all. It came when was a toddler - his mum or gran used to call him Blossom and he could not pronounce it and he used to say Bloss wich sounded like Blosh and stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Sadly both him and Dave Nightingale passed away a few years ago.

Alan Pearce - 13/3/11

We appeared with some well known acts including Screaming Lord Sutch, The Big Three from Liverpool and Dusty Springfield at Bolton Casino.

It was a great thill when we saw Dusty and Madeliene Bell dancing in the wings as we did our set. and as for Dusty she was a real lady. No giant ego like lots of todays stars and she posed with us backstage for photos.

Alan Pearce - 17/3/11 

I've seen these posts after searching for The Heebie Jeebies after their name cropped up in conversation the other day in Australia of all places!!! My dad is Ken the sax player, by the way and we still have a copy of the photograph taken with Dusty Springfield!! My sister is currently in Perth, Australia and the other day she met somebody the same age as my parents from Bury and when she mentioned my dad played in The Heebie Jeebies he remembered them.

The Story Alan tells is exactly the same word for word how my Uncle Dave used to tell it to me (sadly Dave passed away last year). Regarding Blosh he is still regularly mentioned in the pubs of Bolton.....quite a character I believe 

Mark Allan - 4/5/12

Blosh is the chap with the bleached hair, checked pants and dodgy cardie. What always hits me about this photo is that Dusty and Blosh both seem like the 'Stars' laidback like the are used to the spotlight.....I guess these days peope would call it the X-Factor!!! PS I dont advocate using that phrase!!! ha ha!!

Just to put some names to faces my dad Ken is directly behind Blosh (half his face missing), next to him with the long hair is Dave Knightingale. My Uncle Dave (Allen) is peering over the back as well and Alan Pearce is the small guy next to Dusty. The other bloke is just some random butting in!!! ha ha!!!

Mark Allan - 12/5/12

Remember the Beehive in Lostock ? I joined The Huntsmen after Michael left, used to sing with Heebie Jeebies occasionaly as guest, now living in Kerry Ireland, still in touch with Neil Smith who comes over here and plays classical, had a get together with all the group in 2008 Neil, John Moulton,(drums)Keith Walmsley (rythm) Terry Burns (bass) We also played in Ramsbotttom ! at The Station for a time. 

John Willcock - 12/2/13

Before the Heebie Jeebies, they were Franklin D and the Senators, managed by a Geoff Turner, I think it was, a bookie from Farnworth. I played rhythm guitar, Dave Allen lead, Dave Nightingale bass, Alan Pierce drums, can't remember the singer's name, played a lot at the Blue Lagoon in bolton. My parents had a Bedford van and used to drive us around in the early days.

John Buck - 18/5/13

 We were friends with Blosh (Dave Burgum) since he was a young lad in the boys brigade. He worked for my hubby who was a roofer. He was a big lad and once put his feet through the ceiling of a posh house they were working on!

He had an amazing voice . Does anyone have anything recorded or a video from the Heebie Jeebies Days. I have looked on You tube but nothing. It would be lovely to hear Daves voice again.xx

Cora Fielding - 13/1/14





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