The band was formed in 1969, with the sole purpose of going to work in Germany.

The line up of the band is as follows; left to right ;

  • Kenny Anders - ex Chosen Few, Mindbenders, Kremlin 4
  • Neil Levine - ex Richard Kent Style, Lead guitar
  • Josephine Massaphia - Lead vocals
  • Darryl Ogden - ex Powerhouse,
  • (seated) Paul Murray - ex Money

Before the band went to Germany we had a slight 'line-up' change as Darryl Ogden and Paul Murray left the band and were replaced by John Hyock (keyboards) and John Needham (drums) who left Money to join us. 

We also changed our name from 'HEMLOCK' to 'JC HEAVY'. Late 1969 we left for Germany. 

See JC Heavy page

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