Henry Allen Blend (Whalley Range)

Line-up included

  • Malcolm Thompson - Guitar
  • Paul Marshal - Organ
  • Alan Yapp - vocals/guitar
  • Victor Constantinis - bass
  • Ian Tomlinson - drums
  • Lou Ludlam - sax

I put a number of people in touch with each other and from this Alan first formed The New Boston Sect around 1966. Based in Whalley Range and practiced at the Whalley Range Methodist Hall, Withington Road. The line-up ( fragmentary ) was Alan Yapp- Guitar/Lead Vocals ( now Systems Software in London ), Victor Constantinis - Drums ( Catering Business in Australia ) and Ian Tomlinson - Drums ( deceased ). I think that Barry Thornton may have been in the group for a short while on Guitar but as I was mostly in London at the time the rest is hazy.

1967 saw the change to The Henry Allen Blend. The line-up ( part way through ) was Alan Yapp Lead Vocals/Guitar, Victor Constantinis - Bass, Ian Tomlinson - Drums. The group found a superb lead guitarist but his name eludes me. Paul ( Mash ) Marshall joined as Bass ( I think ) and he had a mate ( Lou Ludlam ) who could not play much but started to learn the sax and joined.

New members came and went ( as usual ).

Both groups were funded by Ian Tomlinson's dad who provided a full set of Marshall PA and a Morris J2 van. Ian acted as Manager as well as playing Drums.

From memory The Henry Allen Blend fell apart during 1968.

Alan, at some point, met John Benson and John Senior (Sleep). Alan was developing his skills on the piano and with a bit of song writing and after his dad died Alan went off to Hamburg (Sleep?).

After the group imploded Alan ended up in London and scratched a living playing the piano and singing in Bars and Clubs until he focused on a chance career in Computer Software.

Kim Vernon - 28/5/11

I was amazed and grateful that Kim Vernon had entered this article about the Henry Allen Blend and the New Boston Sect.

As a founding member of the group and having played continuously in the group until it's break up I do remember everything Kim refers to.

Our claim to fame was being the support band to the Small Faces and to Skip Bifferty and on both occasions being congratulated for our performance by the bands and the audience.

I later continued playing in a band until moving to Australia in 1988 and, Kim's right, I ran catering business in Melbourne until selling it recently to a multi national (but I still would have prefered the music business).

Keep up the good work its a wonderul website and reading the article and other articles gave me lot of joy!

I recognised a lot of the band names of the time like Life and Soul, and the Rumble Fat Band. Those were really good days!

Victor Constantinis - vocalist and bass player  - 15/6/11

I was guitarist with the band in '67 and also had great times. Good to see Victor is in Melbourne, I'll have to catch up (also in Melbourne!)

I now have a 60s psych influenced band called Paisley Sky (recording & jamming). We have just finished a concept album called "Janitor Man".

Mal Thompson - 12/1/12

Where are they now?

Arrived in Melbourne, Australia ’83 & formed a band called Ezymoney, bit of a misnomer really coz we never made any! But played rock, folk & blues.

Later on around 1995 formed Paisley Sky which was a vehicle for jamming sessions, various people came & went until 2009 down to two members Ron Smith (also known as Mr Smith recording artist) & myself.

We started serious recording/mixing, writing our own songs but also jamming & improvisation, all with a psychedelic edge. Our most recent recording was a concept album called “Janitor Man” in 60s/70s vein, finished in December 2011. The title song, Janitor Man, is very catchy & a hit with the small & big kids!

We are now working on a new concept “The Lighthouse Keeper”. Some of our music/pics etc can be heard on MySpace.com & Reverbnation.com, just search Paisley Sky on the net. Check out Ron’s stuff also!

I recently caught up with Victor Constantinis (ex bass player Henry Allen Blend ‘67), thanks to Manchesterbeat info, at Wheelers Hill (Melbourne) & he is also willing to jam one day.

Mal Thompson - Lead Guitarist

This brings back so many memories!!

I was a friend of Ian Tomlinson's sister Annie (as well as Viv Lumby - would love to know what happened to them!) and was Alan Yapp's girlfriend for a while in the late sixties - I was Maggie Davies in those far off days - also knew Kim Vernon who wrote the main article - I remember your mum's mini Kim!!

The publicity photos were mainly taken outside the gates of the Congregational College on College Road in Whalley Range - close to Ian & Annie's parents house. Was sorry to hear that Ian was no longer with us.

Maggie Milner - 8/2/12

Hi Maggie - The college was and is right next door to the Tomlinsons house and the group photo's were taken by me one Saturday morning when I was back from London for a weekend. The prints were taken back to London where I processed them at Xerox ( trying to produce something out of the norm ). Sadly, it appears that the prints are lost.

Ann died a few years ago. As for Viv (who was the real love of my life ) the last I knew was that her husband died ( many many years ago ). Not seen Ro ( Roland ), Viv's brother who owned and ran Mitrex ( Group P.A. Sound Systems ), for maybe 20+ years. Ro is still in the industry.

Hoping that Allen will take the time to update this page. Ha! I remember both my Mum's red mini and you.

Kim Vernon - 9/3/12
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