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Soul and Pop group, formerly known as Mr Most's People
Info thanks to Tony Lingard and Tommy Beckett


MR MOSTS PEOPLE - 1965 to 1967

  • Tommy Beckett - aka Spellbinder Becket and Horatio Sydney Beckett III  - guitar  
  • Dave Fernley - vocals 
  • Bill Goulden - drums 
  • Tony Lingard - aka Mr BeeGees Lingard - bass


Line-up included

  • Tommy Beckett - guitar  
  • Dave Fernley - vocals 
  • Bill Goulden - drums 
  • Tony Lingard - bass
  • Garry Cunningham - drums
  • Alan Skidmore - organ
  • Mike Peacock - vocals
  • Bill Goulding - drums
  • Jason T Alexander - vocals

The band started at the Moor Lane Youth club, attached to Wythenshawe Technical High School.

Gigs remembered include:

  • CA Association Youth Club (Woodhouse Park)
  • all Rowntrees gigs (Top of the Town about the best),
  • Alkrincton (Middleton)
  • Colne Municiple Hall
  • St Josephs Catholic Club Liverpool)
  • some fantastic pub in (Huyton),
  • St Bernadettes (Princess Rd),
  • Tivoli Ballroom (Buckley)
  • Annex ( Sale)
  • Ashton on Mersey Rugby Club
  • Sale Rugby Club
  • Altrincham Ice Rink
  • Solihull Ice Rink (we ALL played in fur coats at these gigs...they were freezing!!)
  • The Oaks (Barlow Moor Road)
  • Princess Club
  • Cadburys Club (Wirral)
  • 5 Barred Gate (Blackburn)
  • Hills Stores (Oldham)

The band was managed by Tom's mum, Doris.

Later, Tommy and Tony together with Paul from Phoenix City Smash played with Jason Alexander T Sound as a cabaret soul band. 

Tony also played with Paul and Andy (also from PCS) in the shortlived "HoneyChile" (approx 1971) with Candy Crystal.

She was a bit of an "odd one". She had been told by Old Mother Shipton that she would one day be a star, so mum wouldn't let her get a job. That was so no one could ever say "Ere, she worked in pickle factory with me". Perhaps she is now known as Posh Spice?

Memories include:

Speke Social Club was a regular gig. Tom went out with a girl from the club - he was actually better looking than her.

The strippers at Warmington Grange Country Club

The Eagle, Huyton, where Tony celebrated his 18th birthday party.

Palace Hotel, Buxton - where the "rich kids" were marched in and sat on a row of chairs at the front of the stage as a special treat.


Tommy Beckett and Tony Lingard - February 2003  


Reunion 2015


Pic of my original 1964 Gibson EBO Bass. Its hanging on my wall in Toowoomba.

Mrs Beckett saved all our gig money and one day said "you have 125 Pounds" F*** that was a lot in 1966..so I went out and bought the EBO

I loved that bass then....mmm...it plays like a dog now...oh well, I will not part with it due to the memories.

Tony Lingard

Where are they now?

Tommy Becket
After HWME played with Laces3. Still lives in Sale but sadly not playing at the moment. Rock on Tommy - get the axe out again!

Dave Fearnley
Believed to be in Salford

Tony Lingard
Now lives in Queensland, Australia. After HWME, then the brief time with Honeychile and Jason T Alexander, Tony played with:

PLANTATIONS - 1972 to 1975

DAVE SPENCER TRIO - 1975 to1976
Dave Spencer (guitar/vocals)
Tony Lingard (Bass/Vocals)
????? (drums)

SIOUX SHOWBAND - 1976 to1980
Pete ??? (Vocals)
Brian Rogers (Drums)
Tony Lingard (Bass)
Zak (Guitar)

JERRY HAT TRICK BAND - 1995 to1995
Stewart Banham (lead guitar)
Ian Anderson (keyboards)
Tony Lingard (bass)
Keith ???(drums)

STACKWADDY - 1995 to 1995 (reform)
Stewart Banham (lead guitar)
John Nail (vocals)
John Groom (drums)
Tony Lingard (bass)

LAZY POKERS - 1996 to 1997 (blues band)
Dave ??? (Guitar/vocals)
Chris Fry (Guitar/Vocal)
Alan ??? (drums)
Tony Lingard (bass/vocals)

STATE of QUO - 1996 to 2000 Tribute to Status Quo's best years 1971/1981
Paul Carr (Guitar/vocals)
Mike Grady (guitar/vocals)
Dave Owen (drums)
Tony Lingard (bass/vocals)
Arguably best Quo tribute band around...

JOHN COGHLANS QUO - 1998 to 2000
John Coghlan (Drums)
Paul Carr (Guitar/Vocal)
Tony Lingard (Bass/Vocal)
|Mike Grady (Guitar/Vocal

Extensive theatre tour of Great Britain and gigs in Switzerland, Germany and later Scandinavia and Italy.

COUNTERFEIT QUO - 2000 to 2002 sometime Quo tribute band in Queensland, Australia
Jim Nairn (Vocals)
Jason Kooy (Guitars)
Tony Lingard (Bass)
Barry Mason (Drums)

FATT - .2001 to Present. Classic 70s Oz rock band
Grover (vocals)
Wayne Palmer (Guitar/Vocal)
Tony Lingard (Bass/Vocal)
Greg Parker (Guitar/Vocal)
Geoff Smith (Drums/vocals)

Melbourne - Panik Attack - Top 40 type band Melbourne - Jaggers Banquet - Stones tribute Brisbane - Robbers Dog - Hard rock band Current - Brisbane - Statoz Quo - Quo tribute www.statozquo.com

Current - Brisbane - Desiato - Oz pub rock - www.desiato.com.au 

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